From Lawyer to Motherhood:

the Ultimate Transition Checklist.

To help you thrive, not just survive, after giving birth

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Why get this checklist?


When you are pregnant, all the focus is on you. As soon as the baby arrives, no one cares about you, including yourself. You have to go out and get the support you need. 

It's hard to search when you have no idea what to look for. This checklist is your complete roadmap of the challenges that the transition from a lawyer to a mother brings and gives evidence-based practical advice on preventing or overcoming those challenges.

C-section or vaginal delivery, it applies to YOU!

And what better way for a former lawyer to tell other lawyers about postnatal recovery than a CHECKLIST!


how to use it?

What DO you get?

  • 12-step checklist covering all areas of the transition: body, exercise, sleep, food, sex, relationships, identity, mind, work.

  • Step-by-step practical advice and timeline.

  • Focuses on pregnant lawyers living in the UK.

  • Applies to both C-section and vaginal delivery.

  • Based on the experience of the UK health system and internationally.

  • Fully updated in 2019 with practical tips, useful books and resource recommendations.


Anya is an inspiring woman, who has taken her own journey of personal discovery to champion change within health services and share her experience and knowledge with other women.

- Katie Jeitz, MSc BSc MPOGP MCSP, Specialist Physiotherapist in Women's and Men's Health


who is it for?

This checklist is gold dust for professional women pregnant with their first baby. It has the most comprehensive overview of the transition from lawyer to motherhood.

“No one told me…” is the most common start of a sentence for first-time mums. Life after giving birth to your first child is more challenging and transformational than you think. Not better or worse, but in another dimension.


Rules of the game change in every sphere of your life: body, exercise, mind, relationships, sex, identity, work. And all of this happens at once.

This checklist tells you how to prepare and overcome those challenges.