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Without Anya’s programme, I would never have thought to work on my body after giving birth to ensure it goes back to the way it was before pregnancy. I had just assumed it would go back in time without any work, plus I was concentrating on my baby at that point. Thanks to the various health professionals I have seen, I have been doing exercises to realign my hips, stretch my diaphragm which I hadn’t realised had been squashed during pregnancy and meant I would get out of breath quicker and of course strengthening my pelvic floor muscles. I am now back in a position where I can go back to the gym and hope to be able to run again very soon. It has been great talking through everything with Anya and improving week by week. 

- Elsa, mum of Skye, lawyer and fitness enthusiast


Anya’s guidance throughout my pregnancy and during the first few months of Maya’s life were invaluable. Our ongoing conversations prompted me to check in with myself during a time when you rarely think of anything else aside from your baby. The programme included a private GP session which was very thorough. The women’s physio MOT and ongoing exercises have also been immensely helpful to return to regular exercise with confidence and at a pace which suited my post natal body. 

- Ariane, mum of Maya, lawyer and runner


Talking to Anya is the best thing I have done for my postnatal recovery. - Aisling, lawyer, first-time mum

- Aisling, lawyer, first-time mum



I lacked the motivation to seek help until I attended Anya’s seminar. It confirmed that I didn’t have to put up with a new normal (faulty!) pelvic floor after carrying two large babies. I’m hoping the preventative work I put in now will stand me in good stead for the future. 

- Clare


Dear Anya, Thank you very much for opening up your home and sharing your experiences and what you’ve learnt with me. I hardly knew anything about my own pelvic floor and how to exercise it. I feel like your meetup empowered me and I feel that much more prepared for my pregnancy, birth and ultimately my post natal period.

- Sandrine, GP and first-time mum


Anya’s seminar on pelvic floor health was eye-opening and gave me a clear path on where to find help. I have also found the seminar helpful in framing conversations with other mum friends, and I’m encouraging local women in my circle to get in touch with Anya. 

- Clair


I can highly recommend Anya’s events! It is so helpful and the atmosphere is very friendly and supportive (which is rather important when discussing quite intimate topics). Please do come and educate yourselves with more knowledge about postnatal care! 

- Svetlana


I went to one of Anya’s events and thought it was very good. It basically fills in the gaps of the current system. If you’re pregnant, you learn the basics of the pelvic floor and if you’ve had children, you get to know where and how you can get help. Although serious, Anya presents all this in a non-scary way with light touch humour when appropriate ☺️ 

- Catherine Roy, author of 'Preparing to give birth for the first time' and Parent representative for Maternity Outcomes Matter campaign


Before, during, and after pregnancy, I heard rumblings about the pelvic floor. But I didn’t really pay attention. I knew my doctor said I had no abdominal separation, and kind of figured that I was fine. Plus, I knew what Kegels were. A few years on, I started to learn from experience why pelvic floor matters but I didn’t know where to turn for information, and I didn’t have time to make it a priority.   Until Anya, who hosted a lovely gathering with all you need to know about pelvic floor. It was like sitting and chatting with girlfriends, but we were guided by the professional advice of a practicing women’s health physio and others “in the know,” including Anya herself. We got to learn tips and tricks, view products, and more. I’d highly recommend this for anyone who’s looking to learn more! 

- Lisa, mum of two


Anya is an inspiring woman, who has taken her own journey of personal discovery to champion change within health services and share her experience and knowledge with other women. 

- Katie Jeitz, MSc BSc MPOGP MCSP,  Specialist Physiotherapist in Women's and Men's Health


I think Anya’s mission is a must and we are lucky to have her doing this work in London. Women need to know the information they are not given and Anya’s event is very informative and in my opinion necessary for all women that are mothers or mothers to be. Anya is a wonderful woman that puts you at ease right away. You are in a safe environment to discuss the taboos of pelvic floor that really need to be addressed. Her work trying to get the NHS to treat the way they do in France is commendable. 

- Kelly, first-time mum