If you are pregnant or on mat leave, seeking to achieve your full potential while staying thoughtful about your health and wellbeing, this is for you.


During mat leave you seldom have the time and headspace to reflect on yourself. When you return to work, you recreate your pre-mat leave standards, often to 'feel normal again', ignoring or not knowing about your new capabilities. You might feel conflicted about balancing work and family. You may be dealing with birth related health challenges and that will take a lot of your energy.

I use my unique mix of performance & health coaching skills to create the space for you, clarify your vision, help you resolve the concerns that bear you down and put the volume up on your strengths to kick-start this new chapter. 


The first step is for us to have a chat about you, what you are longing for, and how I can help. 

I offer one-off consultations and programmes.

Contact me to schedule our conversation


Gift vouchers available. 

01. consultation.

The best place to start is a 90-min phone consultation. This allows time to find out what's been happening for you so far, what would you like to achieve and work out a plan going forward. Depending on your concern, I can answer your specific questions, use coaching to help you get unstuck, map out the path forward, work on practical solutions, help you navigate the world of conflicting information and recommend a vetted healthcare professional (to maintain impartiality, I do not accept referral fees from healthcare professionals). At the end of the consultation, you will have a clear plan, empowered by strategies and contacts.

After the initial consultation, you can book in a follow-up consultation or consider a customised programme. 

90-min phone consultation - £210.

02. coaching programme.

You might need more regular support going forward. For example,


  • you are committed to your career, yet have no idea how to balance work and being a new working parent;


  • you are planning to go back to work within six months after delivery and need someone to propel you towards your goals of body recovery, return to exercise, parenting and going back to work;

  • you are new to the UK and/or do not have family/new friends nearby to give emotional support and help navigate postnatal health, mat leave, return to work;

  • find yourself overwhelmed with the whole pregnancy, birth and new mum experience, conflicting advice, finding the 'right' way;

  • you feel like you lost sight of who you are;


  • you are frustrated and resentful towards your kids and/or partner;


  • you have had birth trauma and find recovery challenging;

  • you have PND and/or PTSD. Coaching offers the recovery and wellbeing support outside of your treatment sessions; or


  • you want to transform your life and do not know how to make it happen.

Whatever it is, at the initial consultation we can discuss if the programme is for you. It is a transformational journey that requires commitment. 


The programme lasts six or 12 months. Price on demand.

The price of the initial consultation will count towards the programme fee.

03. olympic support team programme.

This is a customised programme which includes coaching and a multidisciplinary team of vetted postnatal health & wellbeing professionals. You will have me as your main supporter, coach, contact person and team manager. Different professionals will be called upon as and when needed, attending to your topical needs (e.g. postnatal top-to-toe check, breastfeeding, sleep, scar tissue massage, incontinence, prolapse, postnatal PT/pilates/yoga, mental health) while keeping your recovery and life goals in mind (e.g. safe return to running/cycling, special dates, career ambitions, executive and leadership coaching). We will be like an Olympic support team working to your time-critical goals. 


This programme runs for six months after delivery to finish by the end of your mat leave. The programme can start in pregnancy, to include prevention and makes an invaluable add-on to the commonly available antenatal classes. 

Consider the Olympic support team programme if:

  • you are pregnant (whether you plan vaginal or C-section delivery);


  • you are serious about returning to exercise post-pregnancy;

  • you take your health seriously and want a top-to-toe postnatal check and a dedicated team of postnatal professionals providing joined-up expert care; or

  • you had a traumatic birth experience, suffer pelvic pain, discomfort/pain during sex, serious tear, emotional trauma, PND/PTSD.

The programme lasts six months. Price on demand. Can work with your private health insurance.

The price of the initial consultation will count towards the programme fee.

04. Gift.


The initial consultation makes a great present of care from the partner, family member or as a baby shower gift. Gift vouchers toward the programmes are available. Contact me with any queries and to place an order.

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