In-person Bespoke Programme.

We, mums, tend to put ourselves at the bottom of the pile when the baby is born. But remember the oxygen mask rule on the planes?


You need to put the mask on yourself first to be able to help your baby.

This programme is your oxygen mask. It is not a luxury. It is a necessity.


The programme starts in pregnancy and takes care of your physical and mental recovery during the first six months after delivery. In the heart of the programme is the focus on your lifestyle goals. We do this through a blend of education, life coaching and health checks and supervision by a multidisciplinary team of postnatal professionals selected depending on your recovery needs.


The programme has a part for your significant other too. As many partners actively help during the birth process and looking after the newborn and act as your primary or sole pillar of support, they will be getting support through the programme too.  

Get in touch with us regarding the programme as early as possible in your pregnancy. Around 12 weeks is a good time.

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The programme is currently available in North London, but we are expanding. Get in touch with us regarding availability in your area. You can also register your interest in the Guided Online Programme which is in construction. 


Without Anya’s programme, I would never have thought to work on my body after giving birth to ensure it goes back to the way it was before pregnancy. I had just assumed it would go back in time without any work, plus I was concentrating on my baby at that point. Thanks to the various health professionals I have seen, I have been doing exercises to realign my hips, stretch my diaphragm which I hadn’t realised had been squashed during pregnancy and meant I would get out of breath quicker and of course strengthening my pelvic floor muscles. I am now back in a position where I can go back to the gym and hope to be able to run again very soon. It has been great talking through everything with Anya and improving week by week. 

- Elsa, Mum of Skye and fitness enthusiast





The programme makes a great present of care from the partner or as a baby shower gift.

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