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Postnatal Recovery Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Company number 11769737.

Registered office: 90 Mill Lane, London, NW6 1NL.


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our mission.

Empower women throughout the life-changing journey of childbirth and beyond.

Your body and mindset will never be the same after having a baby. But there can be a happy and healthy new you!

There is only one way – forward! And we will help you get there!

why modern.

Modern postnatal recovery caters for the demands of modern women and their families to get to the lifestyle they want after childbirth, uses a multidisciplinary approach to cover both physical and mental recovery as they go hand in hand and offers personalised care.


Modern women have children later, often don’t have traditional supports nearby, return to work within months after giving birth, want to exercise and be fit, value the joys of sex, travel and want to lead an active lifestyle. However, current standard postnatal care does not help new mothers get to active life in good physical and mental health. 

Many partners nowadays are present during birth and stress for the mother and the baby, they take on an active role in caring for the newborn and often act as the pillar of support for the mother, but partners get no help themselves.


"Modern families need a modern approach to postnatal recovery."



To raise awareness about postnatal physical and mental health and how to get help and self-help in the UK.

Personalised programme which takes care of your physical and mental recovery after childbirth and cares for your significant other too! 

Your Olympic support team in postnatal recovery!

To give you answers to specific questions.

To give you answers to specific questions.