Flexible Working.

I've successfully worked flexibly in a demanding private practice and believe that flexible working is the future, especially after the effect of the pandemic on the corporate culture.

But making it a success takes planning and preparation.

I offer a 3-hour flexible working coaching programme to create a bespoke plan to make your flex work a success.


At the end of the programme you will have:

  • a guided review of your values, priorities and goals

  • clarity of the next steps

  • a range of flexible working schedules that reflect your goals and circumstances to aid your negotiation

  • a completed flexible working application and negotiation tips

  • self-awareness about your working style and strengths

  • personalised tips on making flex work a success for you and your team


At the cost of £375, it's a bargain.


Contact me to book a non-obligation chat. 

Email me at anya@postnatalrecovery.co.uk or use the contact form.

Or call me on 07775 760 517

You might like to read Flexible Working: Manual for Mums.

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