Maternity Leave E-Course.

Mindful Return is a 4-week cohort-based e-course dedicated to helping new mums have a successful transition back to work after taking maternity leave.


After the course, women report feeling more confident, calm, and excited about going back to work.


For employers, providing this programme improves the chances of retaining their best employees. Over 70 employers already offer it as a leave benefit.


As the UK's course leader, I would be delighted to answer any questions you have about the course and organise a free demo. Reach out to me and we will find time for a call.

Events & talks.

Working mums make great employees and motherhood teaches women super-powers!


As a coach, mum and former lawyer with 13 years’ experience in private practice, I've combined all my knowledge and experience to deliver empowering classes, educational workshops and motivational talks.


#GenderDiversity #FemaleLeadership #FamilyMatters #FocusOnWomen 

Get in touch to discuss the format and topics most suited for your team demographics.

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