Maternity Leave Course.

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Being a Good Mother and Building Your Career

Mindful Return's Maternity Leave Course is a 4-week e-course and online community that sets professional women up for success on return to work and provides tools to confidently navigate life as a new working mother.

(Yes, even during COVID-19.)

Learn more and register via the course page. 

(On the registration page, the UK Chapter registration is signalled by the *blue* button, 

while we are building a dedicate UK website.)



  • Once enrolled in the programme, you have indefinite access to the course materials and you may join as many cohorts as you like at no extra cost to you or your employer.

  • Check if your employer would pay for the course or already offers it as a leave benefit. 70+ employers do.

Reach out to your HR department to register.

Or register directly here:

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