If you want to increase diversity and retention of women in your organisation, if you want to have more female leaders, you need to better understand the effect of motherhood and women's postnatal health in the work context and provide specialised performance & health coaching to your female employees around pregnancy, maternity and return to work after parental leave. You might be interested in reading these ​Quick facts for the UK.


I offer corporate events, clinics and 1:1 coaching aimed at female employees. Group events (e.g. breakfast or lunch&learn format) are great for internal #FamilyMatters #FocusOnWomen initiatives. I also offer training for managers and HR professionals who are looking to develop a culture that sponsors and promotes women and working parents. I would be delighted to discuss the format and topics that are most suited for your office culture and demographics.


NEW: Mindful Return Maternity Leave E-Course as a parental leave benefit. At a small price for the employer, this 4-week online course offers huge value and has shown to improve your chances of retaining your best employees. Over 70+ employers already offer it as a benefit. Employers can access a demo version to see the course contents and we will be happy to organise a FREE DEMO membership for one employee to trial the course. As the UK's course leader, I would be delighted to answer any questions you have about the course and organising the demo.

Reach out to me on +44 (0)7775 760 517 or anya@postnatalrecovery.co.uk, or use the contact form.

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