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If you are on this page, you must have read the Ultimate Transition Checklist, the roadmap to getting proper postnatal care in the UK.

But you are unique. Your pregnancy, your birth experience and your life goals are unique. To give yourself the best support for your unique needs, grab this opportunity to speak to Anya Smirnova about your case.


By the end of the 30-minutes’ call you will have a clear postnatal care plan customised for you. Best time for the call is in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

Book your call now and do not forget to use the discount code you had received with the Ultimate Transition Checklist. 

Get answers to your most pressing questions about pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery directly from Anya.
One-to-one with Anya
30 Min

3 reasons to book the call

  1. A customised postnatal recovery plan for the UK health system

  2. Your questions on the Ultimate Transition Checklist answered

  3. Peace of mind


Talking through my concerns with Anya is the best thing I have done for my postnatal recovery. I wish I got in touch with her while pregnant.

- Aisling, lawyer, first-time mum


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In 2013, I was a City lawyer pregnant with my first son. I read loads about the birth and caring for the baby and did not give much thought to my needs after birth. I was shell-shocked by how unprepared I was for what happened to me and my life after the birth and discovered that my experience was not an exception or an oversight, but the way of things for most women in the UK. The NHS, antenatal classes, private birth teams all focus on the birth and leave you in a postnatal void. You get more support and information after a small surgery than after childbirth.

Having fought my way through many challenges, I suddenly realised that someone had to do something. So I did and started Modern Postnatal Recovery. My goal is to help you thrive, not just survive, after giving birth. 
Whether you have vaginal delivery or C-section, privately or on the NHS, you need to actively work on your recovery. There is much more to it than getting enough sleep and the 6-weeks postnatal check.

While the Ultimate Transition Checklist has a wealth of information on how to help yourself in the postnatal period, you will undoubtedly have questions on the checklist and your personal circumstances

Having a chat is the best way to clarify those and build a structure of postnatal recovery that suits you.

Anya Smirnova,

Founder | Mum | Postnatal Care Coach | Speaker | Former Lawyer



The earlier you reach out for support,

the better the results.

Getting advice early helps prevent problems. Preparation dials down the future challenges.