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our story.

Anya Smirnova founded Modern Postnatal Recovery out of personal frustration of inadequacy of the standard postnatal care to the needs of modern women and their families. 

In 2013 started Anya's journey of pregnancy and postnatal recovery. Throughout two pregnancies and recoveries, one in the UK and the other one in France, Anya discovered the many untold truths about the physical and emotional challenges that occur after childbirth and that restarting an active life after pregnancy is not that straightforward. Anya was shocked and frustrated by how little women are told about the women's health in pregnancy and childbirth and where to get help and that many women suffer in silence out of embarrassment or because post-baby problems are normalised. She left her career in law and became a women's health educator and campaigner.

She started by holding events in her living room to raise women's awareness about their pelvic health in pregnancy and childbirth to empower women to self-help. However, she dreamed of creating a nurturing programme for the Mother, the one she would have liked to have had herself and which should become the new standard postnatal care. The dream came true with the launch of the In-Person Bespoke Programme in 2018. 

Our mission is to empower women throughout childbirth and beyond. Alongside the In-Person Bespoke Programme, we continue to hold Events, run a Blog and in our plans is to create a Guided Online Programme that will empower women wherever they are in the UK. Register your interest in the Guided Online Programme here.

Anya Smirnova, Founder


Anya is passionate about empowering women in the life-changing event of childbirth. Anya started Modern Postnatal Recovery after her personal experience of two births and recoveries, in the UK and France. 

She runs the Modern Postnatal Recovery, speaks at events and campaigns for the NHS to introduce postnatal pelvic floor rehabilitation to all women as standard after birth.

Before becoming women's health campaigner, educator and entrepreneur, Anya worked for 13 years as a lawyer and practised as a life coach.


She lives in London, with her husband Frank and their two boys both of whom have the most contagious laugh! She loves snowboarding, champagne and playing the ukulele.



Anya collaborates with a multidisciplinary pool of fantastic health professionals specialising in postnatal recovery. Together, we make your Olympic support team in postnatal recovery.