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Copyright © 2020 by Postnatal Recovery Ltd. All rights reserved.

Postnatal Recovery Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Company number 11769737.

Registered office: 90 Mill Lane, London, NW6 1NL.


After my first son was born in 2014, it took me four years to recover physically and process the change that had happened to my life, my identity and to find fulfilment. I wish someone had shown me the shortcut and given me the right information and support during my first mat leave. But without that journey, I would not have been here to support you.   


I started this coaching and postnatal wellbeing company after:

  • 13 years working as a solicitor with Norton Rose Fulbright, in London, Moscow and Singapore; 

  • personal experience of two very different births and recoveries, one in the UK and the second one in France, and getting on the parenting roller-coaster;


  • personal experience of loss;


  • witnessing how physical and mental health go hand-in-hand even for the strongest of us;  


  • making flexible working in the high-pressure legal consultancy environment a success for both myself and my employer;


  • five years of coaching practice, and

  • discovering how every woman gets swept by a tornado of childbirth and mothering, especially lawyers with the job pressures and the high expectations we put on ourselves.

Many women report feeling their strongest and on purpose years after becoming a parent. I am here to help you find that strength in the first year after birth.

I offer one-off consultations and personalised programmes, covering a range of topics from body recovery and emotional wellbeing (incl PND/PTSD) to couple relationships, finding your ground in parenting and returning to work. I collaborate with 150+ vetted healthcare professionals in London to deliver multidisciplinary care to my 1:1 clients. I interview each health professional and check their qualifications.


I offer corporate events aimed at law firms and run events local to my home in West Hampstead.


I am also campaigning for pelvic floor physiotherapy to be offered to all women after childbirth in the UK like it is in France. In 2018, I presented at the Governmental round-table discussions in Westminster on improving postnatal care for women in the UK. Currently, I am working on a pilot project for the NHS England, support the wonderful MASIC Foundation and the Make Birth Better postnatal mental health campaign.
Four things are at the core of my work:
(1) Laugh, Don't Leak! Women in the UK need correct information and access to specialist physiotherapy to properly recover after vaginal or C-section delivery, for a healthy return to exercise and joyful sex. Think pelvic floor, tear, episiotomy, C-section scar, incontinence, diastasis, prolapse, hernia, exercise, sex.
(2) Empowering You. Despite what Instagram makes it look like, life as a parent is neither glamorous nor easy. The good news is, you are the first generation of women who have the freedom to try the work-life balance you are longing for. It is hard to self-help while on mat leave when you are sleep deprived and face many issues for the first time. I help you avoid the postnatal dip, coach you to clarify what makes you feel fulfilled and how to make it reality. Think navigating parenting, returning to exercise, preparing for mat leave, going back to work (mindset and practicalities e.g. breastfeeding solutions), negotiating flex work. 
(3) Parenting Requires Resource. Yes, raising kids is expensive, especially if you don't have family nearby. But more than finances, parenting requires tremendous emotional resource. For your child to have the parent you dream of being, you need to feel happy about your adult life. Kids connect to their parents' emotions and learn by example. Modern couples often do not have traditional supports nearby, which has its pros and cons. It also encourages new parents (lawyers in particular) to do a lot of reading and self-work to 'learn' to parent. Think topics: you lost sight of your old self, what kind of parent you want to be, couple relationship, sex, social life, friends, identity, mental health, PND/PTSD. 

(4) Your experience is unique. You set the agenda. I help you get there. 


I live in West Hampstead with my husband and our two boys, who have the most contagious laugh! I love playing the ukulele and crispy-cold sunny winter days spent snowboarding.

To see how I can help you, call me on 07775760517 or email me at anya@postnatalrecovery.co.uk.

Anya Smirnova