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Supporting women. Educating the profession.

Professional women and their employers underutilise the new capabilities that women gain during mat leave and overlook the effect of postnatal health and wellness on women's wellbeing and performance. 

I help women find the Life, Health & Career Balance and translate their new capabilities into professional skills to unlock a thriving career, starting with physical and mental wellness.

I offer corporate programmes to help improve female employee’s health and wellbeing and raise awareness of HR/managers.

Anya Smirnova, Founder

I am a lawyer with more than 13 years of experience in private practice, a coach for over five years and a mum of two boys (now 6 and 3 yo). Of these three experiences, I found birthing and becoming a mum the most challenging, and the most powerful in terms of personal development. 

Parenting is a deep-dive training in making decisions with little information, resourcefulness, thinking big and long-term, and taking absolute ownership over a task, including responsibility for human life. These are soft skills (dare I say leadership skills) of the intensity you cannot simulate in any training environment.

Seldom discussed, 1 in 3 women face significant health challenges after giving birth and 100% of women experience a shift in how they see and feel about themselves. The quality of this relationship affects every aspect of a woman’s life, including work. 

Women's enormous potential can be unlocked through performance & health coaching

in pregnancy and maternity.

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