I'm Anya Smirnova, transformational women's coach, mum of two, blogger, podcast host and former lawyer.

I help working mothers find the kind of fulfilment and success that truly nourishes the woman and her work.

I do this through deep transformational one-on-one work, flexible working coaching/consulting and running the UK Chapter of Mindful Return Maternity Leave Course.

If you are an employer, please visit the employers' page.



Transformational coaching for women longing for

a meaningful and fulfiling life.


Flex work

A 3-hour personalised coaching programme to make your flexible working a success.

Matleave Course

A 4-week course that sets women up for success on return to work.

Now has a UK Chapter!


mum of Skye,
senior legal counsel at ENGIE

Anya is knowledgeable, professional and full of excellent advice, often on things you may not even have previously considered. I would highly recommend Anya. 

Talking to Anya is the best thing I have done for my postnatal recovery.

Anya’s guidance was invaluable. Our ongoing conversations prompted me to check in with myself during a time when you rarely think of anything else aside from your baby.

  My gift to you.

lawyer, first-time mum


mum of Maya, lawyer

Where are you in your motherhood journey right now?

From Lawyer

to motherhood

The Ultimate Transition Checklist

As a new mum, I was surprised by the many things that transition to motherhood holds that are not spoken about. Now I pass pregnant women on the street, thinking "Someone should tell them...".


This free guide "From Lawyer to Motherhood: the Ultimate Transition Checklist" tells what I learnt,

in ten stories.  

Return to Work

After Maternity Leave

The Ultimate Transition Checklist

Going back to work after maternity leave is challenging in any circumstances. Try doing it during a global pandemic, and you would want all the support you can get.

This checklist is your pocket A to Z to a successful transition back to work, personally and professionally. Download it for free.


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